Swamp Music

Swamp.Audio Whitepaper

A Layer-1 on-chain royalty management system & Layer 2 DAO Media publisher


In 2013, Swamp music was originally created as a safe space for music artists to explore new ideas and passions, ones which weren’t restricted to the ‘formulas’ that most big record labels try to enforce onto their artists.

And so it feels like a natural evolution for us to move into the blockchain and decentralized spaces to try to

Swamp Music

We care about the experience. We care about the music.
We care about the artists. We care about the fans.

We want you to have the closest thing possible to the truth.

So, our catalog has been made available for streaming in the highest bitrate possible while still considering server resources and the intellectual property of the original content.

320kbps MP3 format is still considered lossy, but is considerably better quality than standard streaming services (64, 128)

Swamp Music

Having distributed music for our own, and several other labels; we have a fair understanding of the present state of music distribution, royalties management and monetization/I.P. traceability.

Our proposal is to bridge the existing gap that exists for audio distribution in the blockchain space by creating a Layer-2 solution on Ergo to act as a launchpad for creative endeavors and a SaaS dApp giving creators more power over their media distribution and